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JIN LIN PRODUCTION-TRADING COMPANY LIMITED (“JIN LIN”), has been established since 2015, located in Lot I 1B, Road No. 6, Tan Do Industrial Park, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province as an strategical location in key economic and transportation hubs. We provide services of printing and producing paper packages.

JIN LIN is an offset printing manufacturer specializing in food, medicine/stationery, and others.


With us, you can choose from a wide selection of products, sizes and styles to get the quantity you need. We are here to help you save time and easily manage finance, quality, and product standards in one system because we are equipped with many modern printers from 2-color to 7-color printers, CTP system, a post-printing closed process with automatic machine system, automatic die-cut machine, box pasting machine, automatic pasting machine, laminating machine, UV coating machine, automatic sealing machine….


The advanced machine system works continuously and has high efficiency to ensure the professional printing process to produce products with the standards and reasonable prices for customers. Besides, JIN LIN is always ready to meet the requirements of large, urgent orders and orders with high technology for the needs of domestic and international markets.


With human resources of professional qualifications and experience in printing, improved management system, JIN LIN has satisfied domestic and foreign customers and partners. In particular, JIN LIN always focuses on training to improve labor quality and ensure its sustainable development.





“Customer-focused – Timely – Qualified”


JIN LIN PRODUCTION-TRADING COMPANY LIMITED has gradually realized its goal to become one of the leading printing companies in Vietnam and the international market. Effective operation and sustainable growth are based on interests between relevant parties. Customers are always the center of all works, the most important service object. Work quality and progress to satisfy customer requirements are put on the top; we also focus on long-term relationships, develop new partnerships, respect parties. Our motto is “Long-lasting connection – Mutual development”




We sincerely thank to all the corporations, companies, agencies, and enterprises for your cooperation with JIN LIN, which allows our company to assert itself among the packaging market in Viet Nam, give us chances to expand our business and connection to international packaging market, provide customer services professionally with better quality.


Connect with us today for further information/solution on printing and providing paper packages. Our pleasure is to help you focus on doing what you do best.

Email: jinlin88printing@gmail.com

Skype: jinlin88printing

Hotline: +84 909 226 128



Manufacture, print, and supply paper packages for fields such as Food, Medicine, Packages on materials: Duplex, Ivory Kraft, ...., paper, A, B, C, E, AB, BC, BE



With modern machines and equipment, JIN LIN’s printing capacity is highly appreciated. To understand more, let's find out what we own.

  • FSC certificate
  • CTP system
  • Offset  printers from 2 to 7 colors
  • Post-printing closed process with automatic machine system, automatic die-cut machine, automatic pasting machine, laminating machine, uv coating machine, automatic sealing machine, …, which helps to save time and get high productivity.
  • Ink room with Pantone color formula bank is capable of fast color mixing, saving time in production preparation.
  • X-Rite colorimeter may identify, inspect, and stabilize color, ink density during the printing time. All parameters ∆ are stored for each product to ensure color stability for years.


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Hotline tư vấn miễn phí: +84 909 226 128